Capacitor Bank Calculator


The capacitor bank calculator is used to determine the necessary kVAR for increasing power factor from low to high. The value of the required capacitor bank will be calculated by the Capacitor Bank Calculator and displayed in kVAR reactive power “Q” and farad “F.” It is necessary to connect the power factor correction capacitor in parallel with each of the phase loads. Additionally, the terms kVAR and farad are applied in the field of capacitor banks.


Capacitor Bank in kVAR = P in kW (Tan θ1 – Tan θ2)


kW = Kilowatt
θ1 = Cos-1 = Current power factor
θ = Cos-1 = Target or desired power factor.

Required Capacitor Bank in F = 159.155 X KVAR ÷ f X V2


kVAR = Required volt-ampere-reactive in kilo. 
C = Capacitance value of capacitor in F.
f = frequency in hertz (Hz).
V = Voltage expressed in volts

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