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Check out our large collection of more than 100+ online electrical calculators, which are made to make difficult calculations easier and electrical engineering jobs faster.

Electrical calculators are easily accessible via the categories and can be utilized for the purpose of carrying out calculations that are associated with electricity and electronic components.

With our extensive range of calculators and resources, you can empower your electrical projects. For precision in your electrical actions, you may easily calculate wire diameters, optimize circuit components, & simplify complex physics calculations.

Use our online electrical conversion calculator to easily transition between different units of power, current, frequency, & more. Improve your electrical job efficiency and accuracy with these adaptable tools, designed to simplify calculations & conversions across a wide range of electrical parameters.

This collection of online calculator includes a lot of different types of measurements, such as those for

  • Voltage,
  • Current,
  • Power,
  • Resistance,
  • Circuit analysis, and more.

These online calculators are useful for professionals, students, and electrical enthusiasts as well.

They can do everything from simple Ohm’s Law calculations to complex formulas for motors and transformers.

Whether you need to find electrical parameters, solve network analysis problems, or look at power distribution, our wide range of tools can help you right away and correctly.

These tools are easy to use and can be found online. They help with planning, troubleshooting, and improving electrical systems. This wide range of calculators can help you with your electrical projects and learning, making it easier to do correct calculations and getting more done.


Utilizing our unique electrical unit converter, you are able to convert between a wide range of various electrical units with ease.

Switching between different units for voltage, current, power, frequency, resistance, and plenty more is simple with this useful tool. With the help of this easy to use converter tool, you may reduce the complexity of your electrical calculations and have assurance that your results will be accurate.


Explore an extensive selection of calculators for electrical machines that are intended to maximize effectiveness and performance. Accurate calculations for parameters such as efficiency, losses, & power factors are provided by these calculators, which are designed for both DC and AC machines.

Find out how versatile they are, helping engineers make well-informed decisions, enhancing machine performance, and promoting energy savings. Explore this significant toolkit, which will provide firms with accurate information on the operation of machines.

These powerful, easy-to-use calculators can help you maximize the potential of electrical machinery and simplify computations.


Our transformer calculator is a very useful tool for electrical engineers, students, & professionals who work with transformer requirements. It performs in-depth calculations for critical transformer characteristics such as voltage ratio, turns ratio, current ratio, & power ratio.

This adaptable calculator simplifies the design and analysis process by determining primary and secondary coil topologies, voltages, currents, & power transformations accurately.


Our battery calculator is an extensive tool developed by forumelectrical engineers to help with all elements of battery usage & analysis.

This comprehensive tool is designed for engineers, enthusiasts, and professionals working with battery-powered devices, allowing for exact planning, optimization, & analysis of battery combinations and performance.

With our battery calculator, you can simplify difficult calculations and assure optimal battery utilization for a wide range of applications.


Explore a variety of external electrical calculators for accurate engineering measurements.” These instruments aid in activities such as temperature & wire gauge calculations, hence serving a variety of industrial applications.

These calculators make electrical work easier, from determining wire sizes to evaluating circuits. They are ideal for engineering activities because they ensure reliable outcomes and simplify problem-solving.


Electrical Excel tools are a number of spreadsheets that are meant to assist electrical engineers & technicians in performing their works. These spreadsheets may be found in Excel. These tools have the capability to automate complicated computations, provide reports, and make drawings.

Electrical Excel outcomes may automate complicated calculations and procedures, which frees up time needed to focus on other essential tasks. This results in increased productivity.

The following are some of those most often used Electrical Excel calculators

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