Horsepower to KW Calculator



A measurement of power is denoted by the sign “hp,” which stands for the unit “horsepower” (the rate at which work is done). The definition of a mechanical horsepower, which is also known as an imperial horsepower, is equivalent to approximately 745.7 watts, but the definition of a metric horsepower is equivalent to approximately 735.5 watts. One horsepower, is equal to 746 watts when rating electric motors.


In the International System of Units, the unit of power that is denoted by the sign kw is the kilowatt (SI). The watt is the fundamental unit that comprises the kilowatt. When using SI units, the prefix kilo- indicates that one kilowatt is equal to one thousand watts or one thousand joules per second. This is consistent with the metric system.


Horsepower (HP) to kW conversion:

One horsepower is 0.746 kilowatts.

1HP = 746W = 0.746kW



KW to Horsepower (HP) conversion:

One kilowatt is 1.34 horsepower.

1 kW = 1.34 HP


HP=1.34 x KW

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