Electrical Power Load Calculation Worksheet

Electrical Power Load Calculation Worksheet

Calculating electrical power load is essential for evaluating installation equipment power needs. Calculate the entire load connected, adjust for utilization variables, and determine generator capacity. 

The total load connected for all specified equipment is KW.

Since not all equipment will always be at full load, we use a 70% connected load utilization factor (KW). Multiply the total connected load by 0.70.

Required KVA total: We utilize the formula to convert KW to KVA:

KVA = KW/Power Factor

At optimal power factor 1, the needed KVA equals the used KW.

Required Genset Capacity at 80% Generator Efficiency: The needed generator capacity is calculated based on generator efficiency. The total necessary KVA is divided by 0.80 (or multiplied by 1.25).

The generator size needed to handle the electrical load efficiently and reliably can be calculated by methodically calculating the above characteristics.

A thorough explanation of each calculating step follows:

Summing all equipment loads yields the total load connected. Each machine’s associated load (in kW) is multiplied by its amount.

Formula: Total Load (kW) = Quantity × Connected Load per machine

The total load (kW) is the difference between the connected loads per machine.

All connected loads are not always at full capacity. A usage factor causes this. Usually, 70% utilization is assumed.

To get the kW of utilized load, divide the total load by 0.7.

Formula: Utilized Load (kW) = Total Load × 0.7

Converting the used load from kW to KVA yields the total KVA. This conversion takes into account the power factor that is usually 1 for simplicity but may vary in practice.

To calculate the required KVA, 

Formula: Total KVA x Used Load (kW).

The power factor is the total required power (KVA) divided by the used load (kW).

Generators aren’t 100% efficient. Considering an 80% efficiency factor allows for generator capacity.

Formula: Genset Capacity Required (KVA) = Total KVA / 0.8 

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