Power Loss Calculator

Power Loss Calculator
Power Loss Calculator

A power loss is defined as the entire difference between an electrical circuit’s input and output power as a result of circuit resistance. The power is calculated through the multiplication of the current and voltage.

Step-1: First, the current should be determined at the input.

Step-2: Next, the voltage at the input should be determined.

Step-3: After that, the output current should be determined.

Step-4: Next, the voltage at the output should be determined.

Step-5: We may find the power loss using the formula below by entering the values that have been determined.

A power loss calculator calculates the amount of power lost in electrical systems, usually in the form of heat, because of resistance in conductors (or) components. It is essential in determining the efficiency & performance of electrical circuits.

To automate these calculations, utilize our power loss calculator and enter the required values (voltage, current) to obtain the power loss instantaneously.

To compute an electrical circuit’s power loss, apply the formula below:

PL = II x VI – IO x VO


PL represents the power loss in watts 

II represents the input current in amps

VI represents the input voltage in volts

IO represents the output current in amps

VO represents the output voltage in volts

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