Joules to Electron- Volts Calculator


What is a joule?

The quantity of energy that may be defined as one joule is the amount of energy that can be exerted when a force of one newton is applied across a distance of 1 meter. One joule is equal to one watt of electricity that is lost as heat or radiated into the environment over the course of one second.

What is meant by the term “electronvolt”?

eV is the amount of kinetic energy gained by a single electron accelerating over a one-volt electric potential difference in vacuum. 1 eV in joules (symbol J) is equal to the electron’s charge in coulombs (symbol C).

1 eV equals 1.6021766341019 J .


The amount of energy in electron-volts is equal to the amount of energy in joules multiplied by 6.241509 X 1018

eV = J × 6.241509 x 1018

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