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VA (volt-ampere) to kVA (kilo-volt-ampere) calculator is a tool used to convert electrical power from volt-amperes to kilo-volt-amperes. VA represents the apparent power in an electrical circuit, while kVA is a larger unit used to express power in thousands of volt-amperes.

This calculator optimizes the conversion method by allowing users to enter a value in VA to get its corresponding value in kVA.

It’s especially important in electrical engineering, as understanding power ratings &┬ácapacity in multiple units is essential for building, assessing, and working with electrical systems.

The following is the formula to convert volt-amps to kilovolt-amps:

VA to KVA Calculator formula for calculating the apparent power in volt-amperes is

KVA = VA / 1000

This formula explains that the apparent power in kilovolt amps can be calculated by dividing the apparent power in volt-amperes by 1000.

Enter the power factor and the apparent power in volt-amps:

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