Amps to Volts Calculator


How do volts work?

The SI unit for potential difference or voltage is the volt. it is described as 1
volt equates to the amount of energy required to move 1 coulomb of charge.

How do amps work?

Current is measured in amps. This is described as  1 amp is equal to 1 coulomb-seconds of charge movement.

How do ohms work?

The SI resistance unit is the ohm. it is described as w When a a one ampere current encounters a one volt potential difference.

Amps to volts conversion using ohms:

Voltage V in volts (V) equals current I in amps (A) multiplied by resistance R in ohms (Ω):

V = I × R

Amps to volts conversion using watts:

Voltage in volts (V) equals power in watts (W) divided by current in amps (A):

V = P / I

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