Electron-volts to volts calculator


What a volt (V) means?

Volt is the SI unit for voltage, which is the difference in potential or electromotive force. One volt is equal to one joule per coulomb.

What does elementary charge (e) mean?

The smallest unit of electricity is called an elementary charge. It is a constant that is always positive and equals 1.602176634 10-19 coulombs. We use the letter “e” to stand for the elementary charge.

What a electron volt (eV) means?

An electron volt, also called an electron-volt, is the amount of kinetic energy that an electron gains or loses when it moves from rest through a 1 volt potential. A unit of energy is an electron volt. One electron volt is equal to 1.602176634 x 10-19 J.

What a Coulombs (C) means?

In the SI system, the unit for electric charge is called a “coulomb.” It is the amount of electricity that one ampere can move in one second.

Conversion calculator that converts the energy measured in electron-volts to the electrical voltage measured in volts.

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