Joules to Watts calculator


Joules (J):

The International Standard of Units (SI) utilises the Joule (J) as their unit of measurement for energy (SI). The amount of work that is accomplished by a force of one Newton acting on an object as it travels a distance of one meter is the definition of what is known as a meter-newton. In addition, it refers to the amount of energy that is lost in the form of heat whenever an electrical current of one ampere is allowed to flow for one second through a resistance of one ohm.

Watts (W):

Watts (W) is a derived unit that is defined as one joule per second and is used to quantify the rate at which energy is transferred from one location to another. Watts are calculated by adding together the values of amps and volts. Watts is a unit of measurement that is used to express the amount of energy that is being produced. 

Conversion of joules to watts as follows:

P (W) = E (J) / t (s)

Therefore, the power, expressed in watts, can be determined by dividing the energy, expressed in joules, by the time, expressed in seconds.

It is also possible to write it as

W = J / s

which stands for Watt equals joule per second.

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