VT Ratio Calculator

VT Ratio Calculator

The VT Ratio (also known as the Voltage Transform Ratio) is a measurement of a transformer’s performance. It is one of the most common ways used in the electrical industry to evaluate how much power a particular transformer can withstand.

The VT Ratio indicates how much voltage is lost as energy flows through a transformer.

Transformers are commonly employed to adjust voltage levels in a wide range of industrial applications. It is important that a transformer be able to sustain the electricity it receives; it must not be overloaded. The Voltage Transform Ratio (or VT ratio) is a online calculation measuring tool for measuring the performance of transformers. This VT ratio (or) PT ratio calculator is applied based on the transformer turns ratio calculation.

The formula that follows is used to determine the VT Ratio:



PV – Primary Voltage

SV – Secondary Voltage

  • Enter Primary Voltage
  • Enter Secondary Voltage
  • The calculated value will be displayed on the Voltage Ratio Field

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