Zener Diode & Zener Voltage Regulator Calculator


A zener diode is a type of diode that, when the current reaches the zener voltage, allows it to flow both forward and backward.

It has a PN junction diode that is heavily doped. Even after a substantial change in the current flow, the diodes don’t change. The zener diode is a vital component of electrical circuits and is found in many different types of electrical devices.

Zener diode resistor calculator used to calculate the resistance power and zener power by entering the values for load current, input, and output voltage.


Load Voltage:


Value of Resistor:

R = [(VIN (MIN)– VOUT) / (IL + 10)] x 1000

Zener Power:

ZP = (VIN (MAX) – VOUT) / R) x VOUT

Resistance Power:

RP = (VIN (Max) – VOUT) 2­­ / R


IL = Load Current
R = Value of Resistor
ZP = Power of Zener Diode
RP = Power of Resistor

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