Amps to Kilowatts Calculator


An Amps to Kilowatts Calculator is a online calculator tool that converts electrical current (measured in amps) to electrical power (measured in kW).

This conversion is useful in electrical engineering and power-related applications when understanding and quantifying the power consumption (or) generation of electrical devices (or) systems is required.

Amps to Kilowatts (KW) converter takes inputs of current (in Amps) and voltage (in Volts) and provides output power(in Kilowatts) (KW)

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Rabert T
As an electrical engineer with 5 years of experience, I focus on transformer and circuit breaker reliability in 110/33-11kV and 33/11kV substations. I am a professional electrical engineer with experience in transformer service and maintenance. I understand electrical principles and have expertise troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining transformers, circuit breakers, and testing them.